The Millennium Bridge – symbol and visual identity of the city, a distance of 140 meters. The resort features a specially designed pylons at an altitude of 57m.

Clock Tower and Old Town – the finest example of architecture remaining from the Ottoman period.With height of 16 m It still dominates the area of Stara Varos. It was built in the 18th century by Hafis Pasha.

Doclea -located at only 4 km from the center it`s an antique decoration of Podgorica, dating from the 1st century AD.

Medun – Medun is located about 12 km north-east of Podgorica, in the area of Kuci.

Sastavci or Steps – located at the mouth of the river Ribnica in a popular gathering place for the young people.

Religious monuments – The temple of Christ`s Ressurection, monumental temple, the third largest Orthodox church in the world, the Church of St. George- dates from the IX- XI century ; the Osmanagic mosque – built in the late eighteenth century, the Roman Catholic Church – built in 1969.There are monastery complexes: the Dajbabe Monastery (1897), the Monastery of Celija Piperska (1637) and Monastery of Duga Moracka (1755).

The palace complex Kruševac – a former Winter Palace of King Nikola I Petrovic.

Lake Skadar – a true pearl and a unique nature reserve. The lake aquatorium is decorated with numerous islands called ” hills ” with cultural – historical buildings.

The City Museum – Thee are archaeological, cultural, historical, ethnographic and historical collection center in it.

Wine cellars “Plantaze” – Visit and wine tasting in the wine cellar Šipcanik.

Delta City – shopping center

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